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February 4, 2016

EP33: The Most Overdue Podcast Episode of All Time

BLC and MPT are back! After a busy fall schedule, in Episode 33 they sit down to catch up on what they've been doing. A lot of ground gets covered in this episode, from MPT's recent work with National Geographic, some Hillary vs Bernie debate, and the reemergence of everyone's favorite villain: Mark Driscoll.

September 18, 2015

EP32: Navigating Relationships During An Election Year

In EP32, join BLC and MPT for a discussion on the current presidential election, and how to navigate relationships with friends and family during volatile political cycles. Also includes information on how you can get involved in helping the current refugee crisis.

Segments (new!)
World News (4:20)
My Life (23:00)
The Good Stuff (42:14)
September 2, 2015

EP31: How Jesus Redefines Manhood (with guest, Nate Pyle)

Looking back, many of us guys grew up with a version of what it means to "be a man" that was impossible to live out. To make matters worse, these cultural ideas about manhood are often adopted by the American Church, leading many to view our cultural ideas about manhood as falsely being biblical concepts of manhood. This of course, leads to all sorts of issues-- both for men, and women.

In this episode of That God Show, BLC and MPT sit down with author Nate Pyle to discuss his new book, Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood. They cover all sorts of ground in a short time, so you won't want to skip downloading this episode!
August 27, 2015

EP30: Our Take On The Biggest Stories of the Summer of 2015

In this episode of That God Show as BLC and MPT rewind to visit 5 of the biggest stories of the summer. Catch their thoughts on topics such as: mass shootings, marriage equality, the Josh Duggar & Ashley Maddison saga, and of course, Donald Trump's race to the White House. 

July 21, 2015

EP29: Questions About Hell With Jeff Cook (Is Hell Real? Just Temporary? Why hell?)

This episode is for all those who have been in a process of wrestling with hell- join BLC with pastor and author Jeff Cook for a philosophical exploration of "5 questions about hell" from Cook's new book, Everything New. In it, we explore questions such as: Why would God create a hell? What good purpose does hell serve? And, is hell consistent with God's character?

This is a special theological/philosophical episode for all the theology and philosophy geeks out there-- you won't wanna miss it.
July 16, 2015

EP28: Overcoming Self Doubt And Speaking Truth to Inner Lies (with guest, Reba Riley)

Join us for EP28 of That God Show where BLC and MPT sit down with Reba Riley, author of the much anticipated book, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome. In this episode you'll be invited to join a candid discussion about something so many of us face but rarely discuss: self doubt.

June 17, 2015

EP27: Rejecting the Cynicism of Political Culture

Both political and Christian culture can often seem quite cynical, can't it? In this episode of That God Show, Benjamin and Matthew talk about the pessimistic narrative we're often sold by political and religious leaders and why it's critically important that we reject this-- instead choosing to embrace optimism. 

May 14, 2015

EP26: Becoming People Who Fix Things (Responding to the Decline of Christianity)

This week new Pew report data came out that showed Christianity in decline across the board in the United States, and everyone seems to be clamoring to spin it in some way. In this episode of That God Show, BLC and MPT sit down to talk about the decline in Christianity, and how instead of seeking to "win converts" we can simply return to our calling to be "people who fix things."

May 5, 2015

EP25: Christian Unity - Where Do We Begin?

In an age of Christian division it can be important to remember one of the last things Jesus prayed for before his death: Christian unity. But what is it? Where do we even begin a journey towards greater unity? This episode begins a series on the topic, born out of the winter travels of MPT and BLC where they both realized that it's often hard to dislike someone different than yourself, when you take the time to listen to their story.

April 13, 2015

EP24: What The Heck Is Up With Franklin Graham?

If you spend much time on social media or have seen much from Franklin Graham lately, you'd know that he's sorta gone rogue on Facebook. Some of his comments have sparked outrage among religious leaders, and others have left us scratching our heads and asking, "what the heck is up with Franklin Graham?"

That's the question BLC and MPT wrestle with this week on That God Show. Recorded with BLC in Jordan, you can also catch up on how his trip to the Holy Land is going.